Feb 21

What are scale buildings?

By Jessica Gonzalez | Uncategorized

Scale buildings have always been apart of building in modern or advanced societies. Greeks, Roman and Egyptians all made scale buildings to determine a multitude of things including scale models built on top of certain earth types to test compaction and other structural issues before building. This has the potential to show problems of course before an actual building is built. These scaled buildings even in recent architectural history have been utilized to make model tract homes to skyscrapers. The model buildings are built to certain standards like N, Piko G, S, HO and many other standards that described the way the buildings are scaled in architecture.


However, these scaled buildings are utilized for much more than their architectural value today. They have a real value in replicating landscapes like cities and neighborhoods for things like model train enthusiasts and even filmmakers. Architectural scale models must replicate every part of the intended actual building in exciting detail, and this is the same standard demanded by filmmakers and train enthusiasts in replicating towns and cities. Additionally, scale buildings are used to manage the growth in downtown areas, skylines, and to manage urban sprawl by presenting these in dimensions that can be seen readily and with problems that also present themselves in this manner. So not only the value has risen in scale buildings, the uses for these instruments have also multiplied exponentially.

Digital Revolution

There are certain things that the digital revolution has made obsolete with digital animation and other means of viewing things digitally, but scale is still a void that this revolution cannot ford. Because of this, the need for scale buildings is even more prevalent than before the advent of the internet and all of its new expansive capabilities. Additionally, someone who has elevated their craftsmanship in what many consider hobbies like train collectors and enthusiasts also require and exacting amount of detail. However, imagine replicating an actual scene in a neighborhood or even a small town in a movie. No form of media even in the digital age has been able to replace actual sets that feature scale miniature building, and in many cases, the digital forms of this media are more expensive than setting up for a scene in this manner.

In fact, some of the latest innovations in digital animation and green screen technology can still be detected in the movies or television shows, and after only a few years after the magic of viewing a movie for the first time has waned, later viewings reveal that digital media is being used instead of a scale buildings. Simply view a black and white movie with some sort of viewing technology like the 1960s version of King Kong, and it is obvious that the cinematography in the technology used to portray King Kong is obviously fake.

Understand that this movie once was seen as the standard in technology and when people viewed the film when it was new totally believed that it was real at the time. However, contrast that with the authenticity of the buildings in the movie that were never questioned. These were scale models, and their value holds even though the movie technology had advanced exponentially of over the fifty years since that King Kong movie.

Feb 18

3 Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying a Used Car

By Jessica Gonzalez | Cars

It is estimated that some 40 million used cars are sold every year across the US through car dealerships and private entities. However, the whole process of buying a used can be unnerving because several factors must be put into consideration. For starters, the buyer needs to find a car that is safe, reliable and one that will not cost so much in terms of repair and maintenance. The process of buying and maintaining a car means much more than the initial purchasing cost outlay and the price of gas. The other factors that need to be considered include the vehicle insurance, price depreciation and your personal preferences. Since most used car are sold on “as is” basis, here are 3 critical factors to put in mind when buying a used:

Conduct through used car research

Buying a used car is a big decision that can cost you a substantial amount of money. To avoid making a bad decision, you need to perform a thorough research to pick out the cars that fit your description as well as preferences. One of the greatest sources to conduct your research is the Kelley Blue Book. This vehicle valuation and research resource is used by many consumers and the automotive industry interested in finding out information about new and used cars. To make more informed decisions, there are also many online sources and magazines where you can read about different types of vehicle, prices and used car buying tips. In some used car inventory pages, you can filter your search results by various parameters, including vehicle features and prices, miles on the car’s odometer and distance between the dealer and your residence.

Set your budget range

When purchasing a used vehicle, it is important to set your price range. This will help you narrow your search and avoid the temptation of pushy salesmen to push you into extending your budget or uncomfortable negotiating position. The prices of vehicles are generally influenced by a number of factors; chief among them is the location where you are purchasing the vehicle. Most used cars can be purchased from private individuals, car dealerships, independent used car lots and online used car retailers. Private car sellers typically offer the lowest selling price for used cars. Settings a price range will give you a huge advantage in the negotiating table and give you a budget allowance to allocate funds to other related expenses such as vehicle inspection and small repairs.

Test drive the vehicle !

Test driving the vehicle is perhaps the best strategy to know if the vehicle you want to purchase fits the billings. Some of the things you need to pay attention to when conducting your test include; checking the breaking system, headroom and legroom, engine light, the condition of the tire and signs of the leaks under the hood. The other important aspects include headlight and taillight functionality, seat comfort and driving position. The driving test should be conducted in different terrains, including the highway and up and down the hill to gauge the car’s performance and driving experience. Once you have performed the test drive and are satisfied, you need to ask the car dealer or owner about the service record of the vehicle to find out if the car is regularly maintained.

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Oct 26

Kids Tracking Devices – What to look for

By Jessica Gonzalez | parenting

If it’s time for you to purchase kids tracking devices, remember that finding the right retailer is the first step towards locating the great product that your child will love. Utilize the search techniques outlined above to ensure that you find the right retailer for your kids tracking devices:

  1. Research The Company’s Reputation.

The internet makes it serious to implement the technique. You can do an online search at any time and gain access to the retailer’s website. While there, do thorough research to learn as much as possible about the company’s background, years of operation, pricing, etc. Also visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to learn more about the company’s rating and accreditation.

  1. Read The Company’s Online Reviews.

If you’re serious about finding the right kids tracking devices, make sure that you read the company’s online reviews. This step is powerful because it empowers you to see what other customers think about the kids tracking devices that they have obtained. It also enables you to determine whether the company has been caught in any scandals or fraudulent behavior.

  1. Compare And Contrast.

There’s more than one retailer out there, so make sure you do research to determine who is the very best. These efforts will help you determine who is offering the highest quality brand products and what the most competitive rates are. You may want to call a customer service representative to attain even more detailed information that is not listed on the company website. This strategy will help you make an informed decision.

Don’t Delay: Start The Search Today!

If you’re serious about locating the ideal kids tracking devices, now is the time to begin your search process. To ensure that you have great success, utilize the techniques and tips outlined in this quick reference guide. Good luck!

May 26

Find Your Place

By Jessica Gonzalez | Health

Every year, many young men and women set out on their own to find a way to live without the help of their parents. And most of the time, they have no idea what they’re doing. They’ve just been set out to create their own budgets, do their own laundry, and make their own meals. Whether it happens when the young adult goes off to college or is about to start their first job, it can be a scary time.

We want to help.

We provide information on a variety of lifestyle topics that can help any young adult find their place in the world. With needing to worry about school or work, making rent, and cooking well-balanced meals, just a little bit of help can go a long way.

Topics We Cover

The topics we cover vary greatly. It takes mastery of a number of areas to become a full-functioning adult, and we know you’re probably not likely to get there overnight.

We help you by covering all the bases, approaching each topic from a variety of angles, and giving you an all encompassing perspective of each and every topic we cover.

Some of the popular topics we can cover include:

Health and Fitness
When you’re starting out on your own, it can be easy to let your health and fitness fall on the back burner. But when you properly take care of your body, it can get easier for you to get things done and succeed in other activities. That’s why we share resources and articles to help you restore your health.

Style and Fashion
Clothes can be expensive, and when you’re working for an entry-level salary, you may not have the means to buy new work clothes. We provide resources on affordable, yet professional clothes that you can wear to interviews, to work, and just around to run your errands. We look at the latest styles and help you look your best.

Food and Beverage

Being on your own means you need to cook your own meals. We provide our readers with recipes that are cheap enough to fit within a young adult’s budget, but also healthy, nutritious and delicious.

We want to help you refrain from eating out and maintain your ability to cook for yourself.

Budget and Finance
When you’re in charge of your own finances, you’ll need to create a budget to help you stay out of debt and live within your means. While this can be tricky for many people to do on their own, we provide resources that can help you stay on track. We look for swaps to save you money and help you become financially independent.

Relationships and Family
Many times, individuals move to a new city, far away from friends and family to start a new job. Or beloved friends move away for a job of their own. We provide resources that can help you maintain those relationships as well as create new relationships in your own city, no matter how big the distance.

When you’re just starting out on your own, it can be scary to think of all the things you’re currently responsible for. But when you have the right mindset and the right resources, you can easily overcome all of the challenges given to you and become a full-functioning, independent adult.

May 26

Traveling Website 

By Jessica Gonzalez | Shopping , Travel , World

Many people love to travel. Whether for business or leisure, a significant portion of the world’s population is globetrotting. Travel provides the opportunity to explore other lands, cultures, cuisine, sights and sounds.Putting together a total travel experience may be a bit daunting. With proper preparation, any getaway can be enjoyable and life changing.  Here are a few tips to make it so, whether traveling abroad or taking a weekend getaway.

Always begin with research. Get up-to-date information on your travel destination. If you are traveling abroad, find out about rules of the country, culture and acceptable dress code. Don’t forget to review laws and customs. When the destination is set, figure out the best travel means, whether by air, rail, water or motor vehicle.

What do you plan to do when you reach your travel destination?  To make the most of your time, prepare an itinerary to make sure you get to see and do the most important things on your wish list, weather in the mood for relaxation or serious physical fun.

For relaxing, consider excursions that include beach lounging, respite in a lake cabin or appointments for a spa retreat. For pumped up fun, consider an itinerary full of skiing, surfing, hiking or rock climbing.
Depending on your personal preference, choose the type of lodging that will provide the experience you’re after. Perhaps a bed and breakfast will do the trick. Or, maybe you want a full pampering experience in a tricked out luxury hotel or something in-between.  When you pinpoint your lodging wish list, find the best location for the best value.  Also consider the proximity to the types of activities on your itinerary.

Dining and Shopping
Experiencing the local food is one way to make traveling more fun and authentic.  Skip the chain eateries you can find most anywhere. Finding and eating at small local venues not only allows you to get to know the locals, but it can be more economical as well.  Avoid the touristy eateries and go where the locals go. These little-known places off the beaten path can save you money and provide you with an authentic view of your travel destination.
Getting Help

Should you decide not to go it alone in planning and scheduling your travel, consider the help of a travel agency. A well-vetted agency can get you cost-saving package deals with all-inclusive pricing on lodging, meals and passes to certain activities.

Conduct your due diligence on the agency you choose to use.  Get referrals from family, friends and colleagues. Plus, ask questions and size up the service before beforehand. If the service proves less than desirable, chances are the travel experience will be, too.

By planning ahead, you can be sure to have a more enjoyable travel. Before you go, craft and keep handy an itinerary that allows some free time, but makes the most of your travel experience. Finding the perfect travel destination requires some effort, but the end result is worthwhile.


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