About Us

Going out into the world on your own can be scary. For the first time ever, you’re in charge of your entire life. You need to cook your own meals, do your own cleaning, and create your own budgets. But you’re also given the freedom to make your own decisions. You have your own house to decorate the way you want and you’re allowed to spend your money they way you want.

It can become a bit overwhelming, although it doesn’t have to be. With the right amount of guidance, some tips on making new friends while still staying in touch with the old, and how advice to build up your savings account, you can set off to become a completely independent adult in no time.

We’ve created this website to help individuals looking to get their footing in the real world. We cover the topics of health and fitness, food and cooking, relationships and family, budgeting and finance, and style and fashion to create an all encompassing picture of what goes into creating and maintaining a lifestyle.

Through our articles, we hope to create a sense of community that considers different situations, different perspectives and different individuals. We are happy to have you as part of our group of readers and we hope that you can find some interesting information throughout our many pages. Take some time and browse around.

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