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Jul 17

Top Coolest Gifts For Your Guy

By Jessica Gonzalez | Family , Hobby , Shopping

Top Coolest Gifts For Your Guy

When searching for the perfect cool gift for your guy, there are some new gadgets out there that top the charts for fun and innovative technology. There is no need to wonder if you will find the perfect gift, but more of a dilemma of which one to get. So let’s dig into some cool gift ideas for men

RIF6 Cube

If your guy is a big fan of hosting football parties and movie nights, you need to look no further. The RIF6 Cube is an incredible gadget that allows you to project a 120” display from your smartphone onto any surface. Everything from Netflix, games, sports events or pictures from a recent vacation can now be projected inside your home or outside.

Hang out in the backyard and watch a new episode of your favorite television show while you barbecue. Take this portable device with you when you travel and never be tied to a television screen again. This is the perfect gift for the guy who is into entertainment and the latest in visual technology.

AirDog Auto-Follow Drone

You can safely bet that almost every guy would love a drone. With the latest in drone technology, the AirDog Auto-Follow Drone will let your guy learn how to fly a camera drone and capture the best aerial photography. This drone is so awesome that it features built-in autonomous flight modes that follow and capture footage of you doing awesome things.

This state-of-the-art quadcopter is so innovative that it can be controlled right from your wrist. It is light, foldable and portable and can be taken along on your man’s next adventure. Simply set the flight mode and this drone will follow and take pictures or videos of your guy when he is snowboarding, cycling, kayaking, or doing whatever activity he loves the most.

Divoom Voombox Portable Wireless Speaker

It’s summertime and if your guy loves being outdoors, he will love this gift. When it comes to quality, the Divoom Voombox blows the competition out of the water. This outdoor wireless speaker connects effortlessly through Bluetooth to your device. The quality and sound are incredible.

A great quality speaker for the price, the Voombox can be taken anywhere. It is light and portable and of course, water resistant. Take it to the beach or the pool. This device is especially great for backyard parties, music while your man is working in the garage, or just a great speaker system for your home or the “man cave”.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

If you have a man with a taste for the finer things in life, say good brandy and a hot cup of espresso, consider the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker. Stay away from the cheap, standard espresso makers and go with Pixie. Your guy will feel like a king when you greet him in the morning with a hot, delicious, cup of espresso from this machine.

Nespresso works just like the Keurig does for making coffee. Simply place the espresso pods into the machine and this gadget will deliver flawless, steaming espresso that will rival your man’s favorite coffee chain. Pamper your guy with this gift as it is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

Jul 05

This is is how you will find your next holiday – for a bargain!

By Jessica Gonzalez | Family , Travel

There are many different reasons that people should go on a holiday regularly. People who travel for pleasure live up to 20 percent longer. After returning from a holiday, you will have more energy. Going on holiday spurs creativity, and you will be more productive when you return to work. Holidays are a wonderful time to de-stress. While you may agree that you need a holiday, one look at your bank account may make you think otherwise. Follow these tips and check out โปรโมชั่น Promotion to find the best online deals on holidays.

Know When to Fly

It is important to know when to fly for your holiday. Use a comparison tool to determine when is the cheapest time to fly. In most cases, you will find it cheaper to fly on Wednesday or Saturday. The cheapest flights are usually in the early morning. It also turns out that the cheapest flights can usually be found in January or February.

Travel in Low Season

Different locations have different low seasons when the crowds are not as heavy. This works to your advantage because hotels need to fill their rooms. Therefore, they will often offer deep discounts. Do your research to determine when low season falls in a locale you want to visit. Then, use online tools to find the best deals. Before you spend your money, however, call the hotel because the best deals are often found by dealing with the facility directly.

Choose Airports Wisely

One of the best ways to save money is to consider alternative airports. Depending on where you live, you may have many different airports within a couple of hours. Use a flight comparison service to compare flights from different airports. Additionally, often flying into one foreign city and then hopping a smaller airline to get to another destination can save you money on your holiday.

Consider Alternative Housing

While major hotels and resorts can be very expensive, there are alternatives available when traveling. Use an online tool to discover if there is a hostel in the area as staying in one is usually much less expensive. Also, consider homestays as an alternative. If you need to stay in a hotel, then consider the address very carefully. Often simply staying across the street from a chic address can save you over a hundred dollars.

Eat Like a Local

Once you reach your destination, then use online apps to discover the restaurants where local residents choose to eat. You will discover that the food is usually better, and you will pick up tips from those who live in the area about what they like to do. Also, use apps to get discounts where you choose to eat. Often signing up at their sites allows you to get a discount off the meal.

Exchange Currency Smartly

When you are taking a holiday in a foreign destination, you will probably need to exchange your money for local currency. Use an app or online website to know where to exchange your money at the best rates. Usually the best rates are found away from the airport.


Feb 28

Learn how to sew: Tips & Tricks to get started

By Jessica Gonzalez | Family , Hobby

Your great grandmother probably made clothing for the entire family. As that entire family grew up and decades went by it became easier to run to the store for clothing. That’s great, but that hand sewn clothing fit each person in the family perfectly and held a special meaning because it was made with love. Sewing isn’t hard, but it takes patience and focus. Learning to sew is all about putting tips and tricks to the test to get your desired result. If you make a few shirts with mismatched sleeves, it’s okay, turn them into rags and get started on the next item.

The Essentials

The first step is to put together the perfect sewing kit. You need scissors, but not just any scissors. Specialty scissors like fabric shears and a rotary cutter are your best bet. Pins are an essential for basically everything you do with sewing. A pincushion is a great place to store your pins. A seam ripper isn’t fun, but it’s important in case you mess up and you need to quickly remove seams. You need all different colors of thread so you have a great variety before starting a project. And of course a good sewing machine for beginners.

Online Tutorials

You can find some great video tutorials online. Don’t start blindly! Buy a few patterns that are inexpensive and work from there. Dive into YouTube and Pinterest to find things that interest you. Find inspiration and figure out how to create certain projects by watching others. You might not start out as good as those in the tutorial, but practice makes perfect.


Basting is a temporary hold to ensure your sewing job will reach perfection. It allows you to test the side seams and darts before sewing them down as well as hold slippery fabric together while sewing in the stitches. You just pin the fabric together as if you were about to sew it permanently. Then you thread a needle and knot that threat by the edge of the fabric. Place the needle into the fabric as if you were actually sewing it. Repeat this until the project is fully basted. It does not matter the size of the stitches. This is basically your test project before the final fitting.


Pins are your best friends. A heavy duty pin will keep even the toughest projects in line. When pinning a section of your garment keep the pins perpendicular to the seamline. This helps keep the pins from sticking you. You also don’t have to stop when basting to remove the pins so the process is faster. You can them quickly remove the pins after sewing without hassle. Pins should be about 1.5″ inside the fabric. Don’t ever use bent pins because they will just cause you trouble in the end.


If you make a mistake, use the seam ripper. Reaching for the scissors sounds like a good idea, but you will end up cutting a tiny hole in something. You don’t want to work hard to create a masterpiece only to have it ruined by the slice of the scissor. A seam ripper does the job if you simply must rip something. By all means, if you can keep from ripping anything, do so! It’s all about taking your time and taking breaks to reach your utmost potential.

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