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Sep 19

Snowboard Bindings: A Binding Experience

By Jessica Gonzalez | Health , Hobby

Bindings are perhaps the single most important feature on a snowboard. It is the part of the board that translates the rider’s commands into movements that the board makes. When choosing bindings it must be done so carefully, by taking into account three important features. They are flexibility, fit and features. The following are a brief description of the three.

Importance of Flexibility

The flexibility of the binding will be decided by what type of materials are used. Some are made of plastics, metal or composite materials. In other instances, it can be a combination of all three. In general, softer bindings will be made with plastic and are easier to handle. This is why most beginners start off by using softer bindings. Stiff bindings are generally worn by more advanced riders because they give instantaneous handling of the board, whereas softer bindings are slower to respond, but will be more forgiving when bad landings are done.


Features can include many things and are important to pay attention to if looking for best all mountain snowboard bindings. This is partly because different models will include smaller things to their design, even though overall most models will have more similarities than differences. Entry systems are perhaps the most important aspect of a binding and most designers will opt for a two strap system. Some companies will have a single strap system. The size of the straps can differ in fit, size as well as padding. Last but not least, a popular option is the cap-strap binding. This type of strap fits at the end of the boot as opposed to on top of it. Whatever strap you opt for, be sure to get one that doesn’t require tools such as screw drivers to attach. Another option is the flow binding. A flow binding will have a folding high back feature. High backs are usually made with stiff materials such as composites and aluminum. Of course, it goes without saying that before deciding on features, you always need to try them on before deciding on one. Never assume that one type fits all when it comes to straps.

How good is the Fit?

As with shoes, bindings come all sorts of sizes and shapes. Each one is designed to fit a particular boot size. It is difficult to over emphasize the importance the fit must be between binding and boot. It is that important. It will be the difference between a bad riding experience and a great one. In most cases, bindings made by different companies will fit boards from other companies. There are of course exceptions, therefore think of this when purchasing a board or binding. It’s not uncommon for people to buy a particular binding because they liked it so much, only to find that it won’t fit their board. Most of them come in four sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large. Whatever brand, whatever size or whatever style of binding is chosen, the important thing to remember is that a good binding is an integral part of the snowboarding experience, no matter what the individuals experience level.

Jul 14

Research shows CBD as Legitimate Medical Cure

By Jessica Gonzalez | Health

We are living in the age of unbridled scientific research and advancement. The internet has brought people closer together and now more than ever we are seeing information shared at the speed of light. This has brought about a fundamental change in the way people approach important topics such as food and medicine. Now, people are willing to dig deep and do the kind of research that they need in order to find remedies that aren’t, in fact, worse than the disease. The problem of over prescription for dangerous pharmaceutical drugs is hitting us in full swing and that is why all natural options are more important than ever. Today we are introducing you to a powerful new medicine that will soon be sweeping the market: CBD. Haven’t heard of it? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Let’s dig in!

The Search for Health with CBD.

America has become completely beholden to a stupid fight that was taken up generations ago that people today can’t begin to understand: cannabis as an illegal drug. Cannabis is an all natural plant that offers very mild psychoactive results. In fact, there are numerous drugs that you can buy right off of the shelf at your local gas station or pharmacy that are far more dangerous and less helpful than cannabis. Cannabis has become something of a lightning rod because it is an all natural plant that offers great hope to people suffering from various medical ailments, thanks to a certain compound within it: CBD.

Now, let us be clear right off of the bat: CBD is not THC and CBD does not get you high. In fact, CBD or CBD vape is non psychoactive, period. CBD is one of the 60 different compounds that comprise the cannabis plant and it is by far one of the most exciting in terms of medical research and how it might just change our future. CBD has been found via scientific research and studies to be a huge boon to the medical world because it offers a safe alternative to treat some of the harsher diseases and medical problems that many people commonly face today.

CBD was first found to be a health breakthrough when a group of brothers in Colorado grew a CBD dominant strain of marijuana in order to try and help a young girl named Charlotte who was suffering from seizures. Immediately after taking the CBD dominant strain, Charlotte showed vast improvement. Her seizures were starting to be more and more contained. CBD was the reason that the seizures were slowed down and that has been the driving force behind millions of dollars of medical research regarding the compound over the past years. Now people are looking to CBD to answer a host of new medical problems and it looks like the drug might actually be up to par.

Studies have already shown CBD to be vastly important in improving a variety of different health problems. Testing has shown CBD to be effective in fighting inflammatory, neuro disorders, cancer cells, psychosis and of course — seizures. More studies will be done in the future and we expect more breakthroughs to come.

Mar 29

Alternative Treatment Options for Cancer

By Jessica Gonzalez | Health

According to a recent study, cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. In 2013, 8.2 million people died of cancer. Standard treatment options for cancer include various forms of Chemotherapy and Radiation. These treatments can be risky for a good portion of patients. Over the past decade more alternative treatment options have been proven effective. Sometimes its difficult for patients to discover these alternative treatments. Below is a list of several Alternative cancer treatments that could be effective for cancer patients. Its also very important that you discuss these treatments with your doctor.



Immunotherapy has gained a positive perspective among cancer patients over the last several years. Immunotherapy uses the bodies immune system to fight cancer. The white blood cells in the body will strengthen and help kill cancer cells along with any other types of viruses in the body. Immunotherapies have three general categories. Each category helps stop cancer cells from mutating and helps the body react. In July of 2016 the FDA approved more Immunotherapy drugs. It is also noted that former President Jimmy Carter used immunotherapy in 2015 to treat his metastic melanoma cancer. Carter was cancer free after the treatment.



A healthy diet is a major step in cancer prevention and treatment. Many oncologists do not promote specific diets for cancers. Many medical professionals have remained neutral on whether a healthy diet can put cancer in remission. It has been proven that people who eat balanced diets and have no nutritional deficiencies have a better chance at preventing cancer. Also, staying away from processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, ham, and various cold cut meats can help prevent colon cancer by 18 percent according to the British Medical Journal.



Studies have shown, that CBD (cannabidiol) can help with the symptons and side-effects of cancer treatments. More and more physicians prescripe cbd capsules to their patients to help with all the unwanted and very stressful side effects of the most common treatment options. While the jury isn’t out on the effectiveness of CBD and CBD oils on cancer itself, it sure will help with a lot of the symptoms. More studies and human trials are needed in this sector to give a causal and conclusive statement. Time will tell – but it sure is a very interesting field to keep an eye on.


Dandelion Root

Researchers in Windsor, Ontario received a large grant of 217,000 in 2012. The grant was for research on an herb called dandelion root. The root is well known for various health purposes, but doctors remained skeptic about the herb killing cancer cells. The research has shown that dandelion root can kill cancer cells. A 72 year old man named John DiCarlo was suffering with leukemia and told by doctors that he was going to have a difficult time surviving. DiCarlo started drinking dandelion root tea which was suggessted by the cancer clinic. Four months later, DiCarlo was in remission. He credited the dandelion.



Tumeric is a natural anti inflammatory that has been proven to benefit from illness and strengthen the immune system. Turmeric has been shown by researchers to destroy various cancer cells in the body. Tumeric, in a study, was also shown to kill cancer stem cells. Also, no side effects were shown from the herb. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center did a study in April of 2011. Researchers showed that Turmeric had the ability to kill cancer cells but also keep regular healthy cells free from damage.

May 26

Find Your Place

By Jessica Gonzalez | Health

Every year, many young men and women set out on their own to find a way to live without the help of their parents. And most of the time, they have no idea what they’re doing. They’ve just been set out to create their own budgets, do their own laundry, and make their own meals. Whether it happens when the young adult goes off to college or is about to start their first job, it can be a scary time.

We want to help.

We provide information on a variety of lifestyle topics that can help any young adult find their place in the world. With needing to worry about school or work, making rent, and cooking well-balanced meals, just a little bit of help can go a long way.

Topics We Cover

The topics we cover vary greatly. It takes mastery of a number of areas to become a full-functioning adult, and we know you’re probably not likely to get there overnight.

We help you by covering all the bases, approaching each topic from a variety of angles, and giving you an all encompassing perspective of each and every topic we cover.

Some of the popular topics we can cover include:

Health and Fitness
When you’re starting out on your own, it can be easy to let your health and fitness fall on the back burner. But when you properly take care of your body, it can get easier for you to get things done and succeed in other activities. That’s why we share resources and articles to help you restore your health.

Style and Fashion
Clothes can be expensive, and when you’re working for an entry-level salary, you may not have the means to buy new work clothes. We provide resources on affordable, yet professional clothes that you can wear to interviews, to work, and just around to run your errands. We look at the latest styles and help you look your best.

Food and Beverage

Being on your own means you need to cook your own meals. We provide our readers with recipes that are cheap enough to fit within a young adult’s budget, but also healthy, nutritious and delicious.

We want to help you refrain from eating out and maintain your ability to cook for yourself.

Budget and Finance
When you’re in charge of your own finances, you’ll need to create a budget to help you stay out of debt and live within your means. While this can be tricky for many people to do on their own, we provide resources that can help you stay on track. We look for swaps to save you money and help you become financially independent.

Relationships and Family
Many times, individuals move to a new city, far away from friends and family to start a new job. Or beloved friends move away for a job of their own. We provide resources that can help you maintain those relationships as well as create new relationships in your own city, no matter how big the distance.

When you’re just starting out on your own, it can be scary to think of all the things you’re currently responsible for. But when you have the right mindset and the right resources, you can easily overcome all of the challenges given to you and become a full-functioning, independent adult.

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