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Sep 01

The Symbolism of the Lotus Sutra

By Jessica Gonzalez | Love

We all go through difficult times and situations. In trying times, it is not uncommon to question faith. Faith is our personal reliance on things unseen. Hope, belief and faith, each pertain to our individual belief system and effect how we function in our everyday lives. Strife, anxiety, depression and anger, can all result in a negative outlook and perspective on life. Depending on our level of faith, can dictate how we see our way through to the other side of darkness. Hard times are inevitable, but the sun always shines after the rain.

Certain areas of life can be symbolic or have metaphorical attribution to others. One thing that is historically association with an abstract, philosophical, and at times, religious and spiritual aspect of life, is the lotus flower.


What is the lotus flower?

The lotus flower is the national flower of India. What makes the lotus flower unique is that it grows in muddy waters. Some scholars have observed that at nighttime, the lotus will sink back into the mud, only to reemerge and bloom during the day. The lotus flower is known for its beautiful blossom, especially in contrast to the murky waters that it grows in.


The lotus sutra has roots in ancient time and history. Many different analogies and metaphorical distinctions have been based upon the lotus sutra and its growth potential.


How is the lotus flower significant to life?

The lotus sutra is sacred in Buddhist philosophy and text. The lotus is regarded as a cosmic symbolism, representing the purity of mind, body and soul. If the lotus sutra can beautifully bloom amidst muddy water, can the human mind not be victorious in the midst of struggle? The analogy is often compared and drawn. Hardships are an inevitable part of life. So often times, those without a strong faith, belief, or practice to count on, fail to realize that overcoming the battle is an opportunity to build strength. There can be no growth without adversity, or no winning without failure, each is two sides to the same idea, just on polarized extremes.


The lotus sutra is representative of the inner qualities of a human being. Just as the lotus sutra can retract and reemerge in muddy water, so can the individual rise up during time of strife and elevate over any lower circumstance. It is an inherent quality that everyone has, however, it must be polished for use. Just as the lotus sutra boasts bright beauty in mud, so can the human being boast superior strength in times of apparent weakness.


The lotus sutra is a beautiful historical representation and symbol of human resilience. The innate tenacity for growth and evolution is a quality that every individual has. Just like the lotus sutra, we can all bloom in the mud.

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