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Jul 05

This is is how you will find your next holiday – for a bargain!

By Jessica Gonzalez | Family , Travel

There are many different reasons that people should go on a holiday regularly. People who travel for pleasure live up to 20 percent longer. After returning from a holiday, you will have more energy. Going on holiday spurs creativity, and you will be more productive when you return to work. Holidays are a wonderful time to de-stress. While you may agree that you need a holiday, one look at your bank account may make you think otherwise. Follow these tips and check out โปรโมชั่น Promotion to find the best online deals on holidays.

Know When to Fly

It is important to know when to fly for your holiday. Use a comparison tool to determine when is the cheapest time to fly. In most cases, you will find it cheaper to fly on Wednesday or Saturday. The cheapest flights are usually in the early morning. It also turns out that the cheapest flights can usually be found in January or February.

Travel in Low Season

Different locations have different low seasons when the crowds are not as heavy. This works to your advantage because hotels need to fill their rooms. Therefore, they will often offer deep discounts. Do your research to determine when low season falls in a locale you want to visit. Then, use online tools to find the best deals. Before you spend your money, however, call the hotel because the best deals are often found by dealing with the facility directly.

Choose Airports Wisely

One of the best ways to save money is to consider alternative airports. Depending on where you live, you may have many different airports within a couple of hours. Use a flight comparison service to compare flights from different airports. Additionally, often flying into one foreign city and then hopping a smaller airline to get to another destination can save you money on your holiday.

Consider Alternative Housing

While major hotels and resorts can be very expensive, there are alternatives available when traveling. Use an online tool to discover if there is a hostel in the area as staying in one is usually much less expensive. Also, consider homestays as an alternative. If you need to stay in a hotel, then consider the address very carefully. Often simply staying across the street from a chic address can save you over a hundred dollars.

Eat Like a Local

Once you reach your destination, then use online apps to discover the restaurants where local residents choose to eat. You will discover that the food is usually better, and you will pick up tips from those who live in the area about what they like to do. Also, use apps to get discounts where you choose to eat. Often signing up at their sites allows you to get a discount off the meal.

Exchange Currency Smartly

When you are taking a holiday in a foreign destination, you will probably need to exchange your money for local currency. Use an app or online website to know where to exchange your money at the best rates. Usually the best rates are found away from the airport.


Jun 26

Everything You Need To Know About Removal Services For Those Relocating within Europe.

By Jessica Gonzalez | Travel , World

The continent of Europe is abundant with great locations so it’s understandable that one might want to relocate to a better environment that might be a little further than a city or two over. The thought of moving could be daunting but rest assured I have you covered with everything you’ll need to know about hiring a removal service while relocating within Europe.

Your First Step Is To Do Your Research:

Please make sure to plan 6 months ahead of schedule to ensure a comfortable transition.

Use your favorite search engine and investigate the best companies. Take your time and pick at least 4 choices. Once you have your selections you’ll need to investigate the following:

*Check Comments and feedback from past customers and clients. (what is their rating?)

*What does their removal service consists of? (furniture, dishes, special care objects, etc.)

*Do they offer storage?

*Do they offer insurance for the protection of your items?

* What areas do they service? (Do they have any limitations?)

Whether you’re moving to or from the following locations I found removal service options for all of them:

Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Etc. A good one would be Removals to Switzerland.

IMPORTANT – Before proceeding to the next step I feel it’s important that you write down any and all questions you have. No question is silly or irrelevant.

Next Step is To Contact The Removal Service:

Get a Free Quote/Estimate. When you contact a company they will schedule an appointment to come and visit you. They will assess your situation and recommend services and products that best suit your needs.

IMPORTANT – Do not decide on a company until you have gotten all of your quotes back.

What questions should you ask?

Do they offer Packing Services? (Some people want to pack their own things, but this service can be a valuable time saver.)

Do they train their staff?

Do they use the best materials?

How do they treat special care items?

Do they offer Storage?

Do they offer Protection? (insurance)

IMPORTANT -If the removal Service doesn’t offer insurance get it from an independent company. Get it for piece of mind. Sometimes accidents happen that are out of our control. Sometimes acts of god occur. Considering all the variables involved in moving I strongly recommend you get insurance for your piece of mind.

Final Step is To Be Present And Oversee The Process:

Be Present when they arrive. (Take off from work if you have to.)

Oversee the entire process and record with your camera phone to document the great job their doing.

Depending on how long they’ll be there offer them drinks and be friendly and helpful because remember you guys are a team with the same goal in mind.

Lastly tip and wave good bye as the removal service guys drive off. With the proper preparation moving need not be a stressful nightmare while relocating within Europe. With the right removal services company you’ll be able to relax and rest assured you hired the right people.

May 26

Traveling Website 

By Jessica Gonzalez | Shopping , Travel , World

Many people love to travel. Whether for business or leisure, a significant portion of the world’s population is globetrotting. Travel provides the opportunity to explore other lands, cultures, cuisine, sights and sounds.Putting together a total travel experience may be a bit daunting. With proper preparation, any getaway can be enjoyable and life changing.  Here are a few tips to make it so, whether traveling abroad or taking a weekend getaway.

Always begin with research. Get up-to-date information on your travel destination. If you are traveling abroad, find out about rules of the country, culture and acceptable dress code. Don’t forget to review laws and customs. When the destination is set, figure out the best travel means, whether by air, rail, water or motor vehicle.

What do you plan to do when you reach your travel destination?  To make the most of your time, prepare an itinerary to make sure you get to see and do the most important things on your wish list, weather in the mood for relaxation or serious physical fun.

For relaxing, consider excursions that include beach lounging, respite in a lake cabin or appointments for a spa retreat. For pumped up fun, consider an itinerary full of skiing, surfing, hiking or rock climbing.
Depending on your personal preference, choose the type of lodging that will provide the experience you’re after. Perhaps a bed and breakfast will do the trick. Or, maybe you want a full pampering experience in a tricked out luxury hotel or something in-between.  When you pinpoint your lodging wish list, find the best location for the best value.  Also consider the proximity to the types of activities on your itinerary.

Dining and Shopping
Experiencing the local food is one way to make traveling more fun and authentic.  Skip the chain eateries you can find most anywhere. Finding and eating at small local venues not only allows you to get to know the locals, but it can be more economical as well.  Avoid the touristy eateries and go where the locals go. These little-known places off the beaten path can save you money and provide you with an authentic view of your travel destination.
Getting Help

Should you decide not to go it alone in planning and scheduling your travel, consider the help of a travel agency. A well-vetted agency can get you cost-saving package deals with all-inclusive pricing on lodging, meals and passes to certain activities.

Conduct your due diligence on the agency you choose to use.  Get referrals from family, friends and colleagues. Plus, ask questions and size up the service before beforehand. If the service proves less than desirable, chances are the travel experience will be, too.

By planning ahead, you can be sure to have a more enjoyable travel. Before you go, craft and keep handy an itinerary that allows some free time, but makes the most of your travel experience. Finding the perfect travel destination requires some effort, but the end result is worthwhile.


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