Research shows CBD as Legitimate Medical Cure

By Jessica Gonzalez | Health

Jul 14

We are living in the age of unbridled scientific research and advancement. The internet has brought people closer together and now more than ever we are seeing information shared at the speed of light. This has brought about a fundamental change in the way people approach important topics such as food and medicine. Now, people are willing to dig deep and do the kind of research that they need in order to find remedies that aren’t, in fact, worse than the disease. The problem of over prescription for dangerous pharmaceutical drugs is hitting us in full swing and that is why all natural options are more important than ever. Today we are introducing you to a powerful new medicine that will soon be sweeping the market: CBD. Haven’t heard of it? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Let’s dig in!

The Search for Health with CBD.

America has become completely beholden to a stupid fight that was taken up generations ago that people today can’t begin to understand: cannabis as an illegal drug. Cannabis is an all natural plant that offers very mild psychoactive results. In fact, there are numerous drugs that you can buy right off of the shelf at your local gas station or pharmacy that are far more dangerous and less helpful than cannabis. Cannabis has become something of a lightning rod because it is an all natural plant that offers great hope to people suffering from various medical ailments, thanks to a certain compound within it: CBD.

Now, let us be clear right off of the bat: CBD is not THC and CBD does not get you high. In fact, CBD or CBD vape is non psychoactive, period. CBD is one of the 60 different compounds that comprise the cannabis plant and it is by far one of the most exciting in terms of medical research and how it might just change our future. CBD has been found via scientific research and studies to be a huge boon to the medical world because it offers a safe alternative to treat some of the harsher diseases and medical problems that many people commonly face today.

CBD was first found to be a health breakthrough when a group of brothers in Colorado grew a CBD dominant strain of marijuana in order to try and help a young girl named Charlotte who was suffering from seizures. Immediately after taking the CBD dominant strain, Charlotte showed vast improvement. Her seizures were starting to be more and more contained. CBD was the reason that the seizures were slowed down and that has been the driving force behind millions of dollars of medical research regarding the compound over the past years. Now people are looking to CBD to answer a host of new medical problems and it looks like the drug might actually be up to par.

Studies have already shown CBD to be vastly important in improving a variety of different health problems. Testing has shown CBD to be effective in fighting inflammatory, neuro disorders, cancer cells, psychosis and of course — seizures. More studies will be done in the future and we expect more breakthroughs to come.

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